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In Another Life, books 1-3, and In My Blood are all novels in their own right, but they set the scene for everything that happens in book 8 and 9 of Dark Secrets, so it's important to read them first.

In beta testing with book 8, I had readers who hadn't yet read these. After a few chapters they quickly went on to grab a copy of these books and read them.

It's certainly not that you can't grasp the situation in the final Dark Secrets books without reading these, but it

makes a huge difference to inside knowledge and understanding, and also to the inside jokes. I find it's just better to be "in the loop".

Below, you can find the blurbs for each book, and the links to find them on Amazon, and also the perfect reading order for the entire series. By the time you get to the final book, Underworld (Book 9 of Dark Secrets), you'll be glad you came on the entire journey with us.

Happy reading, and safe travels. 

The dark and twisted spin-off from the author that brought you Dark Secrets. 


Expect the entrancing romance, the gripping conflict, and the mind-blowing interlacing of plots that you've come to love from this author, in this new series that begs the question, "What if you could choose a different fate?”



Rule #1: Vampires hurt you because they enjoy it.



After a familiar stranger warns Ara that death will befall those she loves, she moves across the world to live with her father. But she could never have imagined the safer option was to let them all die.


Sent on a mission to protect an unworthy human, David Knight fantasizes about all the sordid acts he’ll commit against her while he’s away from the watchful eye of the Set. After all, he can make his twin brother erase it from her. 

But Jason falls deeply in love with what he’s sworn to protect—a crime punishable by

In Another Life #1

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extreme torture—and if he is arrested, no one will be there to keep the innocent human safe from his brother’s sordid acts of attrition. 


And David is the one man with the power to convict him.


In an equally heart-warming and gut-wrenching tale of love gone wrong, this three-book series will make you cry, throw your book across the room and yet beg for more, because no one is immune to the charms of an evil vampire. Are you?

In Another Life #2

A calculating insider seeks to destroy what Ara protects, and unwittingly sets off a chain of events that will have eternally-damning consequences.


Among vampires and harping old politicians, no one never imagined a simple witch would be such a threat.


The darker side of romance rears its devilishly-handsome head in this gripping book, playfully capering around a happy ending, while bearing the fangs of uncertainty in each gut-wrenching turn of events.

Rule #2:  Vampire Laws Are No Joke


"I couldn't fathom the damage that had been done to the world because he was no longer in it. Not right now. All I could understand was how deeply sad I was to have lost him. To have taken his life."



They did everything they could to prevent this.


With Jase in jail and with Ara's royal identity now exposed, she is taken away to a fifteenth-century manor and forced to marry a medieval stranger. In an effort to find happiness in the misery, Ara vows to invest herself completely in this marriage and in the pursuit of becoming Queen, biding her time until Jase can be freed.

Getting to know the London Set leader isn't a challenge, though, and the young new Lilithian finds herself strangely attracted to his knightly valor. But there are disturbing forces working against them all. 



In Another Life #3


Rule #3: Angry Witches Make Dangerous Foes


"Just because you didn't say the word, just because you were too scared to say no, that doesn't mean it was consensual. And if it wasn't consensual, then it was rape."


Everything that could have gone wrong did so in the worst, most inhumane way possible.


After learning that David can help Jason simply by becoming King, Ara locks herself into a contract she'll wish she hadn't signed.


Now, Ara must form an alliance with a blast from the past in order to have any kind of life. But can she break free from David's abusive hold on her before he uncovers the plan, or will the masterful tyrant put an end to it and see all involved killed, like the last time?


A haunting account of torture and cruelty, and how unwittingly one can fall from power into the open prison of spousal abuse.

In My Blood


A vampire. A vengeful ex-wife. A new love that could survive it all. 


Jason Knight is in exile, escaping a dark past. He never intended to befriend Jules.


But the friendship becomes a suddenly dangerous one when a spiteful vampire tracks Jason down and makes a claim to him that he can't defend. 


Someone he loves will get caught in the crossfire.


Everything Jules is will be lost for good. 


And an impossible mystery will need to be unravelled so Jules knows who not to trust. 


From the author that brought you 7 books of anguish and mayhem comes the stunning and often hilarious pursuit of a love without triangles. 

In My Blood

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Perfect Reading Order


Angela M Hudson