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Top Quotes, Fantasy Cast, & the In My Blood Playlist

The book is out! Most of you have read it. But some are wondering who would play Jules in a fantasy cast, and what songs are Jase and Jules's "songs". I'm here today to share all those marvellous details with you, as well as to post the Top 3 Most Fave Quotes from the book.

While you're reading this post, have a listen to these songs and add them to your In My Blood playlist.

Missy Higgins Sweet Arms of a Tune speaks for itself. Just listen to the words after reading the book.

This is one of the songs Jules does at the gig when Jason turns to watch her I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz

I have heaps more, but these are the two most relevant. At the end of this post, I'm going to share a song that will give you a little hint as to what In My Blood 2 will be about.

Now, on to the fantasy casting.

I hadn't really had a face in mind as a wrote Jules. I mean, I did, but it's like I haven't been able to actually "look" at her yet. It wasn't until someone asked me on Facebook if I had a likeness I could share, and then it hit me. Jules is small and kind of round. She's slender but not really long and thin. She has a very typical body type and is quite prone to put weight on easily. She tends to settle more easily around being comfortable with her weight but also eating what she wants and not worrying too much about being bony.

With this in mind, I realised that a blonde (not as blonde as she is in Game of Thrones) Emilia Clarke might be perfect. But also Chloe Grace Moretz, because she has such a beautiful but unusual look to her.

Who would you cast as Jules, and have we found any perfect matches for Jason yet? After 10 years!

On Facebook, I'm running a "Fave Quote" competition, where you can win an I Love Jason Knight mug just by posting your favourite quote form the book. The Top 3 so far are:

"Oh good that means you have a literal throne to catch all the bullshit coming out your ass!" ~Jules

“If anyone is offended by my undies then they can leave.” ~ Jules

"I know. I had you at kung fu." ~Jase

Honourable motions:

“I spent too long living someone else’s life,” he explained. “Serving others, because I thought that’s what you were supposed to do when you're in love but, the truth is, everyone else is in it for themselves. Nobody is going to look out for you in life, Jules. And you're better for it if you disconnect so that you never find yourself expecting them to always put you first." ~Jason

"I'd take Netflix binges with a bowl of noodles and a vibrator over that kind of pain any day of the week." ~Jules

“And is this not a risk-all love? Am I the only one who feels that way? Because I’d do anything for you, Jase. I’d fight for us to stay together and keep taking this road--see where this might go.” ~Jules

So that's the quotes and the cast.

Come join us on Facebook to talk about who you would cast, which songs you think fit, and what you think the song below means is going to happen in book 2! If there's no conversation thread with these topics, start one. And tag me in it. If I see conversations anywhere about my books, I ALWAYS come and join in.

In My Blood book 2... a storm is coming, and this song speaks of what it is Marshmallow Spaceship

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