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What Have I missed?

Haven't caught up with the series in a while?

Don't worry.

We've got you covered here with all the info you need.

Before I tell you about the Jason Knight book I’m releasing on August 30th, let’s make sure you’re all caught up.

In the Dark Secrets series, the books are in this order. Click on a book if you find one you haven’t heard of, and it’ll take you right to the Amazon page where you can read a description.

In order:

#1 Dark Secrets

#2 The Heart's Ashes

#3 Mark of Betrayal

#4 Lies in Blood

#5 Echoes & Silence: Part One

#6 Echoes & Silence: Part Two

Right here is where it’s best to read the Bound series.

The what?

It’s a two-book series about Eric de la Rose! And it’s best to read it before reading book 7 of the Dark Secrets series. So, the reading order will look like this after book 6 of Dark Secrets:

#7 Bound One

#8 Bound Two

Then read…

#9 Bound by Secrets

Now you’re all caught up on Dark Secrets, ready for when book 8 arrives.

But maybe you read all those, and you still want more. Well, I have a lot more.

I got to thinking one day…

What would have happened if Ara had met Jason first, or if maybe her mother had never died?

So, with that in mind, I wrote a three-book spin-off series that answers that question: In Another Life.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t change or alter the original series in any way, it’s still relevant, and foreshadows something that happens in the newest upcoming book, In My Blood.

That’s all I can tell you about In Another Life without spoiling it. You kinda have to read it to know what I mean. But it’s an awesome look at Ara’s life and who she became without tragedy weighing her down and making her ignore all the wrong choices she was making.

So now you're all caught up!

It seems like a lot of reading, but it doesn't need to be done in a day. Take your time, savour the experience, and you may even find that you're so tangled up in that world again that you don't even notice time passing.

So pick up a copy of the first book that's missing from your library today and get started, because you deserve to relax and enjoy a good book.

Quick links:

In Another Life

In My Blood


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