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In My Blood

Updated: May 7, 2019

Hi guys, a lot has been happening in the World of Hudson and Books. All 3 books in the new series, In Another Life, are now available on Amazon; Every single book in the Dark Secrets series has been reformatted with beautiful layouts, and I am almost done with In My Blood, which is a book that gives Jason Knight his own happy ever after. Well... maybe.

I just wrote a new scene for it a few weeks ago, then went off to play with the formatting on the DSS books, and came back yesterday thinking I'd need to delete it because I was certain it sucked. But after reading about Jason in DSS again (the first book... we all know how that went!) it was just so nice to see him in this new scene, and I ended up really loving it. So, it's staying.

Also, I needed to finish the ending, but... something wasn't sitting right with it. And when this happens to me, it's my deeper muse calling out, halting me, because something bigger and better is coming. Turns out, Jase and his true love need a second book!

So, In My Blood will now be a two-book series, just like Bound.

And what's happening with book 8 of Dark Secrets? I hear you say.

It's still coming. Slowly. I had chosen a direction for it to go, got really excited about it, and then realised that you would all come after me with pitchforks if I did that. So, I'm speaking with my inner muse, and we're trying to find a new direction. It just means it will take a bit longer, but, having said that, if I get an idea that I'm happy with, I can write 200,000 words in under two weeks. I wrote Willa in 3 days, and Red (now named The Legend of the Raven Wolf) in a week (not including editing, of course, but just the bare bones of the story). So, there's no saying when it will happen. I could say a year, 6 months, and then it could happen in a month.

Put good vibes out there to the universe for me to find that magical story line. And if you have any ideas, come and suggest them on Facebook. You just never know when something you say will spark a writer's muse. It's happened before. One of you guys will make a seemingly innocuous passing comment, and BAM! and idea hits, and I'm off writing the next great novel.

Anyway, I will leave you with some covers and links to the newest books and to In My Blood (pre-order available now), and hope to see you all over on Facebook to throw ideas at me.

In My Blood

In Another Life 1

In Another Life 2

In Another Life 3

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