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Find Your Inner Wolf

If only there were a way to make you understand what Red is. Being a writer, I should be able to put into words why you should read my latest book, but I am in many ways lost for words.

As I drifted into a peaceful day nap one afternoon shortly after starting work on Red, I sent a little prayer out in my heart for some inspiration. I was stuck, you see, still pining for David and Ara. Then, my mind lifted itself from the burrow of unconsciousness for a moment when it heard a song. That song, and a few more from the same artist, went on to become the Pillar of my Plot; the Iron Handle of my Inspirational Sword; the Sheen on Every Tear Down my Cheek. The playlist for Red now is large and deep and soulful, but I won't share it with you just yet. I think you need to read the story first to truly appreciate how the music interprets it. Instead, I will show you in images the things you might hope to feel when you read this story, because it isn't just a story, an adventure, a roller coaster through your own deep, dark soul and scarred, lonely heart; it's something you will take with you when you close the last page; something you will learn from and think about long after you move on to the next story. And that kind of power is best represented through images if the author cannot find the words.

I can tell you one thing: my character Red is strong and clever; she not only fights for her rights but for the rights of others, and is an inspiration to all. Red searches deep within for her inner wolf, and through her journey you might just find yours as well.

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