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New Frontiers in Writing

Type title. Stop and think for a moment. Centre align. Save. Press enter twice. Left align. Save. Stop and think.

It’s the excitement of a blank page. The beginning of a new book, but not just any book. It’s the book you begin after finishing a series that consumed 7 years of your life. Completely consumed. Holding you captive to the end that must evolve, whether you knew it or not. And now it’s done. What is a writer to do?

I began this post after finishing Echoes & Silence (back when I thought David and Ara’s story had ended). Now, that seems like forever ago. Since then I have been on a journey with Elora and her friends, brought you Bound 1 & 2, and now, in one short week, you will have the epic ending to Ara and David’s story. The ending they deserve. Does this mean you don’t need to read it, knowing they have a happy ending? No, this is the reason you MUST read it. If you read Bound then the chances are you weren't happy with how I left Ara and David. Turns out, neither were they. While I thought I could move on after Bound, Ara and David had other plans for my life (and here I thought I was in control of them). They locked me in a cell until I played nice and gave them a better beginning and a better end. To know what happens and what leads to the eventual happy end, you must read.

But what’s next for me now that Ara and David are hunky-dory?

After I finished Bound, before I wrote Bound by Secrets, I was a little lost. I had no passion for any of the ideas I had rolling around up in the proverbial fortress of disaster I also call my brain. But that was because Ara and David needed me to finish their story. I knew I would write again, but a small part of me worried that they might have been my only legacy.

Thankfully, this is not the case.

Now that they are happy, they have released me. I am already wrist-deep in a new and fantastic story. I’ve fallen as hard for these characters as I did for Ara and David, and with the Dark Secrets series and all the beginner mistakes I made writing it behind me, I can start anew, perhaps even with a new pen name, I’m not sure. One thing for sure is you haven't seen the last of me. I’m now relearning the basic art of plotting and storytelling, even taking a masterclass, hopefully undoing all the bad habits, and I will reemerge as the writer that not only has experience, a million words behind her and good writing instincts based on years of practise, but a writer with honed skills. We never stop learning, and to say you are an expert, that you no longer need to learn, is to be remarkably unfair to your future self. So I look forward to sharing more well-crafted adventures with you in the very near future.

Keep your eye out for my next book “Red” in 2016. In the meantime, enjoy Bound by Secrets, which will be out on February 15th.

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