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Five Reasons to Read This Vampire Series Now

Updated: May 7, 2019

We don't need a good reason to read a book, and we need even fewer to read a book about vampires. If you haven't heard of AM Hudson's "Dark Secrets" series yet, you've been living under a rock. Over a million copies have been sold world wide, but we found five more reaosns to grab a copy right now and join the cult-level crazy fans in the bloody and heartbreaking world of Dark Secrets.

#1. The vampires are deadly. They kill. And they like it.

#2. The protagonist is a work-in-progress. How is this a good thing? Because so much literature out there these days has fluffy, relatable protagonists. If you don’t like him/her, you stop reading. But have you ever thought that maybe you’re supposed to read outside your comfort zone to, I don’t know, increase your brain power and experience life through different eyes, make different choices than you would make in your own life? Ara starts out moody and immature. The author doesn’t hand feed you her personality and make you eat her up. She wants you see the flaws, see them make mistakes, so that you can then witness changes in her characters throughout the series, and that is precisely what you’ll see. Profound change.

#3. Two words: David Knight. Green eyes. Twin brother. Over 100 years old. Tortured soul. Torturer (that’s his main occupation), complete bad-ass.

#4. The series is complete, with a massive epilogue novel coming out March 14th. So the series been around long enough to have passed the test of time, but it’s still current enough that everyone is talking about it.

#5. It will make you cry, cringe, give you goosebumps, challenge your moral core, is hot enough to make you slip off your chair without being smutty, and if that wasn’t enough reasons in one hit, it will also make you fall so deeply in love you’ll never truly move on.

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