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Big News for Dark Secrets Fans

If you didn't hear the news, Dark Secrets and Bound have an epilogue novel coming out on March 14.

What? You’re writing more? But I thought you said you were done! That you would never write another DSS novel again, well, at least not for twenty years!

Yes, but…. There were two big loose ends after Bound 2: what happened to David and Ara in those tombs, and would she ever remember David? I was content for a long time to leave it to the reader to decide and maybe pick the characters up in twenty years and tell the end of their story, but David wouldn't have it. He was the first to enter my thoughts after lying low for a very long time. It happened one day while I was driving. A song came on the radio from the DSS Playlist, and it felt like my heart was bleeding. I realised I missed Ara and David. I mean, I had spent the last five years of my life with them. After that, song after song kept hitting me every time I got in my car. I had, by choice, not listened to any of the soundtrack songs since I finished writing Bound 2, so to have so many songs come on the radio that weren't typically radio songs got my mind spinning in more ways than one. Then, one afternoon, when a very 'David-y' song came on I finally asked him. I said, 'Okay, fine. You got my attention. What is it? What do you wanna say?' And, sure enough, his velvety voice came into my head and Bound by Secrets began. I got home that day and wrote the very first words to the epilogue novel, offering both David's and Ara's perspective and, now, here we are. The novel is sitting at 170,000 words with about 50,000 or so to go, and you won't believe how epic their tale is. Often, when an author continues a series that is 'finished', that next attempt can feel dragged out, like there's just no story left. Like squeezing water from a dry sponge. This is not the case with Bound by Secrets. I call it an 'epilogue' but, in truth, it is so much more than that; it is the beginning and the end; it is the thread that ties up all loose ends; it is the weight this series always needed behind it. It is what Ara and David deserve after everything we have been through together. I had no right to leave their story the way I did in Bound 2, and that is why, after swearing there would be no more Dark Secrets, no more Ara and David--that I would write a stand-alone novel next, with no vampires--I have entered the world of dark secrets once more. Come along with me.

You can pre-order the book now from Amazon. For Nook, Kobo, and iBook readers, it will be available on release day.

Please note: you will need to read all the Dark Secrets novels and the Bound novels before this one, or you won't have a clue what's going on.

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