• Angela Hudson

The End of an Era, and Other Tropes

I finished the rough version of my Bound 2 'epic' epilogue days ago. I needed to read through it, just to be sure I was happy with it, and so I did. Once. Twice. Three times. More. Added to it. Took away. Until finally I decided I needed a break from it. Or did I? No, I believe it was procrastination. But why? Well, now the novel of an explanation begins. Once I finished it, I would send it to my editor, who would then comb through and make sure everything looked good, and then the day of release would be even closer. I've spent three days in a slump, depressed, on the verge of chocoholism because I didn't want to deal with the epilogue. I knew why, deep down inside. But I finished it this morning, with six million kids (I know, I only have 4, but when I'm busy they feel more like 6 million) coming in and interrupting me, and when I finally uploaded it and left it in the capable hands of my editor, I felt .... lighter. I even weighed myself just to see, and .... okay, so I'm not physically lighter, and all those emotions and the stress I've been eating this week are most definitely not imaginary kilos on the scale, but I still felt good. I'm lighter because Dark Secrets, as much as I love it, is so dark and so twisted, with so many plot turns and all this stuff going on that it has weighed me down for years. When I released Silence, I thought I was done with DSS. In fact, when I started Bound 2, I was sure I was done. Bound would be about Elora, and have very little to do with Ara and David. Well, **scoffs loudly** I was wrong, wasn't I? Seems my characters have mind of their own, and Ara and David weren't done with me just yet. I have to say, however, I was rather happy about this. I love Ara and David, and there was perhaps a too open an ending to their story. But now that Bound 2 is finished, with an epilogue of closure to keep those unrelenting characters at bay, my mind is finally free to explore other worlds. I have been locked into, often trapped, in this world of dark secrets since my first draft in 2007, and the weight that is lifted from my soul (if not my scales) has unburdened me more than I ever could have hoped. Other writers that have endured a long series may know exactly what I'm talking about. So here we are, making history on the day I submitted Bound 2 to my editor and brought this entire world of dark secrets to an end, and when Bound 2 goes live for all the world to read on July 20th, I will sit back and watch my baby take on a new life of its own. I have given birth to it, nurtured it, watched it grow, and now .... I leave it in your capable hands, my wonderful readers. Live it. Breathe it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. And I am off to write you all another great adventure. It has been an honour....



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