The Legend of the Raven Witch
Dead and Gone_ A Ghost Story

Let me tell you a story about a shy guy, a headstrong werewolf, and quirky world built on one disabled man’s imagination. 


It all began with a witch who sought revenge and an alpha who wanted what he couldn't have.


When it ends, it will be with violence and betrayal, where two broken worlds meet to set one right.


But no story is told without a victim, a villain, and an unlikely hero.


Which one will survive?


For fans of books about strong heroines. 


You'll be captivated by this odd and quirky tale, because everyone knows what it's like to feel sad, bullied, or excluded, and there's nothing like feeling understood by a book.


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A spellbinding tale of witches and friendships with a fantastical twist.



What if the only way to help a friend was to kill him? 


In Henry Charming’s world, nothing is what it seems. Where you see a floor, he sees a stage. You see milk where he sees an adventure. 


You see a guy from school who wanted to die, but that's not what he was trying to do.


His only hope now is to try again.


But a new friendship with a clever witch named Willa will change his heart and set in motion the beginning of a new end. Henry gets what he wanted just when he no longer wants it.


In the chaos, a dangerous family secret will be uncovered.

A fragile new friendship tested.

And death will visit the small town on the night of Halloween. 


It will be up to Willa to put back what was taken, but is this kind of magic just too far beyond her skills?



Join millions of readers on this enchanting tale of friendship and fantasy that will captivate your heart, leaving behind that good-book feeling. 


Magic really can come from a good story. 

The past can't hurt you... unless it catches up with you.  

But the dead will not rest without revenge. 

Alice Beaumont has failed. Her writing career is in ruins and her love life went down the drain with it. The only logical thing to do now is hide away in a small town and have sour words with her muse. If only she could find it. 

But when a decades-old mystery resurfaces, and a ghostly face in a window gives her an idea, she takes up residence in the run-down Victorian house next door and settles in to pen out the novel that will save her career. 

Caretaker, Old Man Harvey—better known to townsfolk as Mad Harvey—presents a cold and distant front, but as Alice gets to know him in the hopes of digging up his past, she finds hidden dangers in being this close to the story, and the man behind it. 

Strange things occur in that old house of his, and Alice isn’t yet sure if they’re the echoes of a tragic lost love, or the hauntings of something out for revenge. 

Could an open-and-shut case of suicide be something more sinister, and if so, could Alice be falling for a murderer?

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Angela M Hudson