What the heck is Dark Secrets, and who is this Angie person, in 10 short, but fun, pink-and-purple facts:


Skip the facts, take me to the blurb!

1.  Angie aka AM Hudson or Angela M Hudson: writer and lover of Facebook chats and GIF comments. Screws with your mind in all her books.

2.  Dark Secrets is not your average vamp book. This sexy series is an emotionally-intense saga that explores the inner-workings of an ancient vampire society through the eyes of a grief-stricken girl. It shines a completely fresh light on vampires, with myths and lore not yet explored or used in this genre, starting with twin brothers (the original vamp twins) as both the love interests and the antagonists. Oh, and these vampy bad-boys love to kill!

3.  Dark Secrets is also known as DSS

4.  The DSS Family are the giant group of super fans that interact on Facebook daily with the author. It's a lot of fun

5.  This is YA Romance for ADULTS! There is sex, torture, needless deaths of innocents, and profanity in the series. Safe to say, it's not for kids.

6.  It is self-pulished, despite demands from publishers, because Angie won't let anyone have control of her beloved series, but it's vetted in the sense that readers have loved it, spread word about it, and re-read it for 7 years straight. So far, so good.

7.  The series has 7 books and a spin-off series consisting of 2 books. Not because the author wanted more money (authors make money?!), but because there was so much story to tell.

8.  The books go in this order:

Dark Secrets

The Heart's Ashes

Mark of Betrayal

Lies in Blood

Echoes & Silence: Part One

Echoes & Silence: Part Two

Bound Series (Spin-off) Book One

Bound Series (Spin-Off) Book Two

Then read Bound by Secrets, which is book 7 of the series.

9.  The author regrets making the order and titles so confusing.

10.  Book One of Dark Secrets can be a standalone. But, even though it has a happy ending (as all Angie's works do, with NO CLIFFHANGERS!!), you may like the green-eyed twin vamp, David, too much, and will perhaps feel compelled to read on. 

The Dark Secrets Series by Angela M Huds
Dark Secrets Vampire Series by Angela M


(The Longer Version) 


Since its release in 2011, this e-book series has infected the hearts and minds of millions around the world, creating an obsession that's stood the test of time. 

AM Hudson inspires such emotion in readers that we rarely see middle ground in reviews: people either love the books and the story to a life-altering degree, or hate the character's choices with such ferocity that e-readers have been thrown across the room.

It is this controversial style of storytelling that captivates people and keeps them guessing throughout the entire series, never allowing the reader to be entirely sure what's going to happen next.

You will laugh, and you will cry. It's inevitable, but you will also experience such joys as these characters, who you relate to so deeply that they live on in your heart, suffer through trials, and fight to come out better for it, just like we all do. 

If you're not a series-reader, you can stop after book one if you're happy with how it ends. It was originally written to be a standalone. 


But we do HIGHLY recommend you at least give the series a one-chapter-test. What do you have to lose?  Besides, it has such PRETTY COVERS!! 

Still not sure? Read a free sample over here...

...or check out one of the author's favourite reviews below. You can even go to the Amazon page and read all the one star reviews to see if maybe you'll hate it. That's how this author chooses a book. 

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