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The Evernight Fae saga is dark fantasy series, set in a hidden world beyond the reach of humans.

There are seven books in this series, with book 8 being released late 2021.

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The Series So Far...

1 The Last Prince of Darkness .jpg

People who say faeries are sweet little balls of magic… have never met a faerie. 


This is the beginning of the dark faerie series by internationally best-selling author Angela M Hudson.  


A figment of my imagination destroyed my life seven years ago.


And he just walked back into it, older, hotter, and a complete asshole. 


Now, I need to figure out if he really did have wings, if he could heal dying plants with faerie magic, or if it was all just a game we played as kids.


Only trouble is, I can't get close to him because he hates me. And he's given me every reason to hate him.


For fans of fae who have never quite found that book with enough magic, with wings that actually fly, or with a world that takes you away, this book is the one.


Sink into that comfy chair, and grab a copy today! 

2 Forest of Bones and Wishes .jpg

So, vampire faeries are a thing…


The faefolk have long been oppressed.


Century upon century, books have been banned, the history lost to whispers that change, education forbidden upon pain of death.         


When a new prince rises and threatens the highborn way of life, promising a better world for the common folk, Cami must leave at all costs, and never return to this war-ravaged island. 


But, a vengeful queen takes something from her that no one can restore, leaving Cami permanently bound to a world she just wants to escape.


Now, with no hope of ever going home, she must find her place in Evinrode, among cruel fae and a man she barely knows. 


The second instalment of the captivating Evernight Fae saga will take you deeper into the dark world of faerie, on an adventure you won't soon forget.


Grab your copy today. 

3 A Crown of Wind and Sorrows .jpg

The third installment of the enchanting seven-book saga, the Evernight Fae.    


Cami's trapped in an underground castle with twelve ancient men. 


What could go wrong?  


Meanwhile, in the war-ravaged world beyond Cami's troubles, Aerik is walking right into Queen Kyra's trap, about to lose the battle that will end them all.  


The only one who can warn him now is an ally posing as an enemy, who'll be killed if he steps foot in Aerik's kingdom.  


Can the odds turn in the young king's favor, or is this part of Cami's story about the aftermath of their destroyed lives?  


Grab your copy and find out today!  


Book Four in the Evernight Fae saga.


It is entirely possible that this was never the story of us—that my need to find Aerik, and then my fight to be by his side against all odds, might not have been a destination. 


It was only ever a road to the life I’d get.


But everything that led me to this conclusion was Aerik’s own doing. 


Against the advice, the warnings, my pleas, it was his anger, his hatred and jealousy, that drove him to this. 


And it all started with a council meeting.


Grab your copy of the stunning continuation to the dark faerie series that's captured the attention of the world. 


Don't get left behind...

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Angela M Hudson