So... what's this book about?

For Ara-Rose, life is not a choice 

Until her mother died in an accident that spared her, Ara never needed a reason to live. But, suffering from survivor's guilt now, she must silence the voices that tell her to mute her pain with death. 

Who would have imagined a vampire could change everything?

When her strangely dark boyfriend, David Knight, finally confesses what he does and what he eats, Ara is launched into a raging battle of right and wrong. With truth comes consequence, though, and the vampire is called for immediate return to his Set. Ara must now make a hurried decision between living a human life with her childhood sweetheart, or leaving to both become and be with a killer. 

But when a decades-old feud between brothers erupts, Ara's frail human form is used as a pawn in a sadistic game of torture and revenge, destroying the future she'd chosen. Will David be there to save her, or is he waiting in the wings for Fate to tie her hands?

Powerful and intoxicating, Dark Secrets explores the often conflicting lines between right and wrong as it perfectly captures the dark intensity of first love.

The Dark Secrets Series by Angela M Huds

Angela M Hudson