Covers by Angie

As you may have heard, I make covers pro bono for new and/or struggling authors. I'm booked out until the end of the year now, but you can come find me on Facebook and have a chat about what you need. I don't do contact forms or order forms for covers, because I'm not taking it on as a job. It's a hobby for me, and I use that hobby to help others.


Please only contact me for help if you truly can't afford it. I'd hate for another author to miss out because someone just didn't want to pay someone. If you're new to the writing world and just don't know where to start, I can also direct you to some reputable and affordable cover designers. 

My Own Covers: Designed by Me

These covers were made for an author friend, Kia Carrington-Russell. And there's one in there that I made for a Wattpad author. 

I also make quotes, ads and graphics 

Phantom Wolf

Book one in Kia Carrington-Russell's Phantom Wolf series