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About Angie

With over 12 books published to date, and a full-time writing and publishing career that began in 2007, Angie is known in reader and publishing circles as Angela M Hudson and AM Hudson. But her fans know her, simply, as Angie. Book lover and openly-professed Twilight fan, she writes for readers like her.


Growing up in a Navy family, Angie spent her youth living all around the great Land Down Under, Australia. Now, she’s set roots down in Perth, having a blast raising her 4 boys. Between mountains of laundry and the often ridiculous demands of child-rearing, she snaffles up any moment to work on novels that captivate, inspire, and make you ugly cry. 


Appealing to a largely American audience, Angie has built a cult-like following in the United States with her Dark Secrets series, and one day hopes to live in the New England region, where her heart already resides. Although, she has definitely thought of moving to Iowa.


You can connect with this author of YA fantasy for adults on her facebook page at AM Hudson, where she and her fans, affectionately known as the DSS Family, share stories, secrets, life’s ups and downs, and generally have a lot of fun.


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