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Angela M Hudson is the romantic fiction writer of amazing fantasy worlds.

You can find information here about her vampire series, Dark Secrets, beloved and read world wide over the past ten years, or the new dark faerie series, The Evernight Fae.

All the books at a glance...

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If These Wings Could Fly (Evernight Fae #1)
The Wishbone (Evernight Fae #2)
The Last Night Garden (Evernight Fae #3)
Tales of Shadow and Light (Evernight Fae
The Secret in the Glade of Aerie (Everni
Where the Trees of Ages Stand (Evernight
The Unbearable Silence of Knowing (Evern
Dead and Gone: A Ghost Story
Dark Secrets 1
Dark Secrets 2
Dark Secrets 3
Dark Secrets 4
Dark Secrets 5_ Echoes & Silence Part I
Dark Secrets Book 6_ Echoes Part II
Bound 1
Bound 2
In My Blood
Dark Secrets 7
Dark Secrets 8
Dark Secrets 9
In Another Life 1
In Another Life 2
In Another Life 3
The Legend of the Raven Witch