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DARK SECRETS (In a nutshell)

Lost in the struggle to find happiness again after losing her family and moving to a new country, Ara befriends the oddly alluring David Knight. Torn between the love of a childhood friend and the deep connection that’s forming with David, she will be asked to make a decision about their relationship before she’s even ready to admit her feelings. But a cruel stranger enters her life on the night of the town masquerade and forces her hand, taking away what little innocence Ara had left. 

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Proper Reading Order for the Dark Secrets series and the spin-offs (please note: all books in the series and the spin-offs are highly intergrated and weren't written to be read out of order).

Dark Secrets

The Heart's Ashes 

Mark of Betrayal 

Lies in Blood

Echoes: Part One of Echoes & Silence 

Silence: Part Two of Echoes & Silence 


Bound 1

Bound 2


Bound by Secrets 


In Another Life 1

In Another Life 2

In Another Life 3


In My Blood


Heart of Darkness 


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In Another Life

The dark and twisted spin-off from the author that brought you Dark Secrets. 


Expect the entrancing romance, the gripping conflict, and the mind-blowing interlacing of plots that you've come to love from this author, in this new series that begs the question, "What if you could choose a different fate?”

Best read before Bound by Secrets (Dark Secrets #7) and before In My Blood. 

Then, you're all set to read book 8 & 9 of Dark Secrets.

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